Saltire Blue Sky – original independence song

I’ve written a song about the Scottish independence movement inspired by the recent All Under One Banner (#AUOB) marches held over the last couple of years where ever increasing numbers have taken to the streets of Scotland to ensure that our right to a choice, to be heard, to be seen is clearly understood.

I don’t profess to be an accomplished musician nor singer (as you can see), but I hope the spirit and passion from these marches and from the movement for Scottish independence comes across over the next few minutes in the words and the inspiration. At the very least I have enjoyed writing the song and recording this little video to share. If any, way more accomplished, musician(s) feels inspired and so inclined, please feel free to try and do this song some justice.

I can email the words and chords to anyone interested to give you a head start.  Just get in touch via the form on the menu.

Please enjoy and share widely if you so wish.

I hope to see you on #AUOB marches throughout 2019.

Rory Forbes

Fifty-something (!) husband, dad, son, brother, uncle etc. An ex-pat Scot I now live in North East Hampshire and work in the business software industry. My 3 children are growing up and starting to move away so getting a little more time to pursue a wide range of interests to keep physically fit and also maintain the creative muscle.

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  • 16th March 2019 at 8:06 pm

    Thanks, from us all in Scotland!


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